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First Half Ironman



  • IronMarkIronMark Posts: 8
    Now I see it written on screen, I realise calling myself Iron Mark is something of a fraud!!! Haha.

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    For those of you thinking of doing Wimbleball next year, there's TV coverage of this years race on Channel 4 at 8am on Sunday 1st October. The programme is being shown as part of a series called 'Adrenaline Rush'.
  • annlannl Posts: 6
    Hi all

    Having read all this thread (busy day at work today) [;)] I'm still not sure which one to choose as a first go at the half.

    New Forest sounds interesting - did a short one there last year (freeeeeezing water and dodging of ponies). Is it a multi-lap jaunt does anyone know?

    Cheers, Ann
  • nickjaywnickjayw Posts: 33
    Beacon Leisure's web says a 2 lap cycle course, then a single lap for the half marathon. September should be OK for water temperature.

    Are you thinking about this year or 2007?
  • annlannl Posts: 6
    Most definitely next year! I can't swim that far without armbands yet[&o] Are you doing this year? Two lap bike and single lap run sounds okay - hope not too many cattle grids though
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    If anybody is thinking of doing the New Forest Half, there's a message on the website (posted 24.7) that it's almost full for this year.
  • Just as an update - I'm registered for Wimbleball and very excited. Now I just need a bike and a gallon of extra lung capacity. I need to do some research on the bike, but if anyone has any tips about cheapo starter bikes, they would be gladly accepted (I am heading back into full time education next year, so it's going to be 2nd hand off ebay I think)...
  • Hi guys - was reading this thread and could use some advice. I just did the new Forest half yesterday, my first mid -distance. Was on for Sub 6 hours till half way through a BRUTAL run - it was sandy steep off road and hilly the whole way - oh and sunny too! Blew up and finishedin 6.28 - however felt fine on other two distances and no niggles today so plan is full distance next year!

    QUESTION - the actual course itself seems to make such a difference - i.e that Run - if it had been flattish trail rather than hilly off road could have knocked off 20 -30 mins and maybe not blown at 10 miles. Does anyone know the easiest FULL distance - M Spot brand or not is fine - just want my first to be as gentle as poss!
  • Well having made a mad decision to enter the uk Ironman 70.3 2007 I am left wondering what the heck have i let myself in for?

    my first ironman oh my god!!

    and can i say having watched the event on sunday morning it did nothing but worry me especially seeing those hills on the bike section oh and the run to which looked like cross country!!

    Well what can I say fortunately I live near some hills not quite exmoor but hills none the less so they are going to be getting a pounding over the next few months.

    Swimming wise im fairly confident i swim well over a mile each swim session (and at least it is flat!!!)

    anyone from east yorkshire doing wimbleball next year?

    Any tips would be good to an ironman newbie!!

    Cheers happy tri!!


  • cazzacazza Posts: 8
    Hi! Are any of you doing the half ironman this year!
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