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contact lense problems

Hi guys,

been following the posts for a while but only just registered, and was wondering if I could pick your brains.....

due to having shocking vision (effectively blind in one eye, and the other one is pretty poor) I wear a contact lense (in my "good eye"). Been doing sports with them in for years with no problems. However, recently I have had a couple of episodes of it falling out. Twice at the end of a very long ride in hot conditions so I attributed it to drying out and sweat pouring down my face -nice-

however today, on a fast decent in the Bath olympic tri (only about 10-15 mins into the course) it came out again. This obviously caused a few problems as I suddenly couldn't see where I was going on a twisty 35-40mph decent!

luckily it fell into the corner of my sunglasses and I was able to get it back in (after it then fell on the road), but I lost at least 10 places and a good couple of mins.

Has anyone else had problems like this and found a solution?

p.s. they are daily disposibles from specsavers.




  • rebborebbo Posts: 58

    I've recently started having similar problems with my lenses (falling out, getting a build-up of nasty crud on them, etc.) after years of problem-free wearing and my solution is to go to the optician & get a different type of lens. Since there are lots of varieties (monthly ones you never take out, monthly ones you take out at night, daily disposable, etc.) I am just going to try something else for a while.

  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Have you tried soaking your eye with solution before you start racing, the extra fluid may help it not dry out as quickly.
  • Cheers guys.

    A trip to the optician is in order then.....
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Hi Tim Having discussed this with colleagues we feel that there could be several contributing factors.

    reduced blink rate on the bike due to head posture (tri bars) and wide lid aperture leading to drying out and distortion of the lenses hence the falling out.

    rubbing the eyes will of course move the lenses

    Try low water content soft lenses (don't dry out so much) or silicon hydrogel lenses (more stable) You could always ask your contact lens fitter about Haptic lenses[:)][:D]

    Was the swim open water? sea or lake? seawater in the eyes will loosen the lenses freshwater will tighten them.

    Hopefully some of that is of use, the best thing is to discuss your situation with your contact lens optician.

  • David,

    Thanks for that advice. thinking about it the reduced blink rate and posture are likely contributors, I'd noticed the dirrected airflow from my sunglasses, although stopping them steaming up, certainly blows across the eyeball. The swim was pool based (50m at Bath performance centre- fantastic) and had no problems with my goggles, but useful advice for when I go surfing!

    I'll put that advice to my optician when I go and see them.

    Thanks again.

  • Do you have surgery in mind? I know it will only help one eye... but I will really help you enjoy your hobby, not having to worry about your contacts falling off. But I guess there are other options. But for me, this is the best, though it's very costly.

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