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FOA Madnurse re: interservice tri


seen your post over on tritalk re the interservice tri, as an ex TA and now nhs (for my sins) physio, I'd be interested in giving this a crack.

Do you have any more details?

endorphine junkie


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    have spoken with an ASM at 29 Cdo ..... he said as yet their isnt provision for an NHS entry but only becasue no-one has as yet made attempt to enter the interservice tri from the NHS. If a formal request was made for entry for 2007 (is in July) he couldnt see why it wouldnt be accepted. Standards are apparently better than average - I got the impression sub 2'30 was only average but hey july is like 11 months off so i figured thats long enough to put together some form of 'team' and get at least 'average'. I mean how hard can it be to beat a bunch of pongo's, matelo's and crabs ... (i will answer that come July lol)

  • ok, well lets see if we can get a team together.... how many do we need? I'll have to get a bit more training in to beat the "average" though! will be good motivation over the winter...


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    blimey !!!!!!!! with interest from "the other side" plus a few hangers on I already know we might have 12 + already....
  • fantastic... well 'mr team captain sir' lets get training!!

    keep us informed of developments.


  • you guys should definately come to Inters if you can. Sadly you missed this year- hosted by the Navy at Sherbourne. The RAF and Army venues are flat, Sherbourne is not.

    as for average well I'm a girl, it was my first Oly and I came 12th female in 2.46 Top navy girl did 2.26 and she was 4th out of the girls. First lad was 1.59 (and he's a vet) average for the guys wa about 2.15-2.20.

    If you could get a committed NHS team there'd be the possibility of not only inter services but a combined services squad to race you guys and the police. get some girls too- our girls need the competition.
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Hi Tiny .. its looking good with the response i have had so far (only started plugging this yesterday).... i used to race for combined services (a while back) so know what its like .... hoping for a mixed team ...which should be good for a bit of healthy competition .....

    Phil [:D]
  • It's a fantastic idea. I'm getting excited about next year already now! LOL!
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    i thought the same ... was annoyed that i couldnt enter having served some 8 years .. so though i'd find another way in .. looks like i have ..... my plans for next year already looking better ... hoepfully this will come off as well as the 3 peaks yacht race plus all the tri's i have in my diary

  • Hi

    I'd be interested in doing the interforce tri as nhs. I'm an A+E doc

    Dumbe blonde
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    fabulous ... every team should have a dumb blonde ..... (am guessing that just a front though on your part) ....although some of our SHO's are a little off course with things like common sense and practicality ... but hey .....

    welcome aboard !!

  • Hey- can you guys persuade some physios to join in??? I need a massage[:D][:D]
  • you're talking to one..... plus about half a dozen from the tritalk site are interested so you can have the pick of the bunch!
  • Joy!
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