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I don't understand what I'm supposed to do in the transitions and all these stories about people falling off their bikes and not getting their clothes on is very funny, but I would be mortally embarrassed!!!


  • rebborebbo Posts: 58

    there are plenty of articles telling you exactly what to do (e.g. http://www.lwcoaching.com/library/10transitiontips.htm) but among the biggest time-savers are:

    1) be clear about what you're going to do & lay out your stuff accordingly (point your bike in the right direction, etc.)

    2) wear a tri-suit to avoid too many kit changes

    3) get lock-laces for your trainers

    4) remember where your bike is (use a bright-coloured towel/local landmark)!

  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    kate, don't worry about it and just enjoy it, have it all planned and laid out and walk through the transition from swim exit to bike and bike exit before the race, i started racing in 1988 and still can't find my bike!!! it never fails to amuse though,

  • One piece of advice - if you are just wearing a bra under your wetsuit then don't wear white!!! Tends to go a little see through as I found out from experience![;)]

    Also the t-shirt goes on before the bike helmet - another little quirk I had on my first go![:D][:D] Otherwisr you'll be racing in your bra!

    I've decided to invest in a tri-suit now I know that I'll be doing more but advice would be use what you have first time out.
  • RewRew Posts: 62
    A good piece of advice I received is to have a dry run in the garden. Set everything up and think to yourself what you'll need for each leg.

    Walk away and then back thinking (for t1) westsuit off,helmet on, sunglasses etc etc and away. and do the same for t2.

    Rack bike, helmet off, trainers on, grab drink or cap etc.

    The best thing is to not panic.
  • PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    Buddy, a tenner says you do T1 quicker than I did mine at Windsor. 5:00 exactly. 311th out of 311 in my age category. I think it was something like 2,200th out of 2,205 on the day!

    1) I was tired after the swim but not too bad

    2) mistake was to sprint from water to my bike. I felt like gagging when I sat down.

    3) I had everything planned & practiced. But taking off a wetsuit with tired arms is different to taking it off when you're fresh

    4) I didn't have a tri-suit on underneath. I had a nicely laid out cycling shorts & cycling shirt with number pinned on and with rear pockets full of tyre levers, energy gels, tube etc. However, putting this on over wet shoulders was a disaster. Everything got caught up and rolled up and the harder I tried to pull it, the more tangled it got & all my gadgets fell out!. After a minute wasted I took it off, tried again and put everything back in my pockets.

    5) I wore socks. Not a big timewaster but it all contributed.

    What would I advise:

    1) more hurry = less speed

    2) in due course a tri suit & number belt will be a time saver

    3) a pouch for your bike to contain all the gadgets

    4) no socks. Lots of talc in your shoes (cycling & running)

    5) practice yanking wetsuit off. Remember the correct technique

    6) Don't panic if it's not going so well. Who cares if you lose a couple of minutes anyway? Look at it as a bit of extra rest which might save you time later.

    (I think it was madnurse who advised me of most of the above back in June - thanks, but can I send you the bill for the tri suit? :) )
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    tell you what ...send it to mrs mad .... am sure she will oblidge .... [:D]
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