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First Triathlon

Hi Guys,

I have just found this forum and I'm finding it really useful!! The only thing is, after reading some posts about what's best to wear, and mistakes and things, I am really starting to wet myself!!!

I have never done one before but have been training really hard, trying to build up my stamina etc. I feel really scared now after reading all these posts from people who really know what they're doing. I think it will have turned dark before I've finished!!!

Anyway, I'm sure this forum will help me. I think I'll be on here every 5 mins asking questions!!!


  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Hey welcome Buddy,

    There is no need to worry, the only bad thing about this website is the overconfidence that can be achieved.

    I haven't done a triathlon since about 19, and now I am 33. My first is in two weeks, but after coming on this website it helps training, things to look out for, and makes you realise they are quite a good bunch of people. However I think I could do a half iron man now. lol I do have to hold myself back a bit.

    I got over my race nerves by entering a few local road races, and time trials. No matter who you are there are always nerves.

  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    :: Looks around confused ::

    Someone knows what there doing? Where? [&:]

    I think there are a number of us first timers here for this season. The main thing to remember is that tri is simply a swim a bike and a run. Yes you have to pace yourself to get through all three but it is as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.

    If you take your time then you have no worries about messing up through transitions, the faster you want to go the more important it becomes to add transition training to your plan. It is a huge but enjoyable learning experience, about that learning is as much about yourself as the sport. Don't approach it with trepidation, go out with an open mind, learn and more importantly enjoy yourself.

    Don't be worried about asking any questions on here either. Yes some may have been asked before, but as the season goes on we all learn new stuff that we may want to pass on and have forgotten to do so. Good luck with the first race! And let us know how it goes.
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Hi Buddy

    I'm in my 4th tri season (can't believe it!!) but I'm a real snail. I look at the training these guys on the forum do, and their finishing times and can't even hope to get near those. And I still get mega nervous before each event (and even before a training session!!). I've never yet started a tri feeling ready or prepared for it. And I make new mistakes (sorry, enjoy new learning opportunities) each time. Even the pros get things wrong - repeatedly.

    The most important thing is to enjoy it. Run your own race for your own reasons and have fun. The finishing line - and T3 are brill!

  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    yeah I realise now the 'enjoy learning opportunities' is a bit management speak.... [:D]
  • BuddyBuddy Posts: 20
    Thanks guys - I think that was what scared me more when I read how everyone else trains!!!!!! I felt ok until I came on here ha ha!!!

    By the way - what is a T3 - I haven't quote got the lingo!!!
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Glad you asked that about T3. I was wondering.

    I sort of presumed they mean the bar.

  • jojojojo Posts: 76
    hi Guys

    Just out of interest - when should I start tapering for London. Have spent the last month training a lot - 5 days a week but have to admit did a good session Sunday - run10k and weights but yesterday could only manage a row of 2350m and stepper for 15 mins and today cycled from Mill Hill to Letchmore Heath and back and just come back from a swim - was going to do 80 lengths rest then again (20m) pool but it was full of so ended up only doing about 75 then came home and feeling a bit dejected.

    Finding it hard to train in this heat. Any advice?

  • BuddyBuddy Posts: 20
    It might make me run faster if there is a bar at the end!
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    yeah others who ask about t3 its gotta be the bar surely?..kinda like the 19th hole in golf..but I dunno really...

    buddy...regarding knowing what we are doing is concerned I am sorry we gave that impression...read the mistakes thread and that will dispell any myths regarding competance levels...

  • BuddyBuddy Posts: 20
    Loony, when I read the mistakes I got even more nervous!!!!!!!
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Buddy - its your mistakes that makes tri the big trip of fun that it is - that and beating the pants off the guy in front on his £3000 time trial machine ( ...it was so much satisfaction) & before you can laugh at your own mistakes why not laugh at ours .... we really dont mind !!!!!

    madnurse [:)]

    ps & yeh T3 ... is that magical place like at the end of the rainbow that serves pints that can only taste that good after a tri.
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    T3 ... a bottle of Newcastle Brown and a very large ice-cream with chocolate flake .....
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    That what I like about this forum - every now and again we get nice surprices...

    roll on the brown ale lovers [:)]

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    i have some shares in the old scottish n newcastle brewery .... cos i used to drink the broon by the gallon ...
  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    Don't worry about a thing remember you do it for enjoyment. Also ask loads of questions then everyone can learn. And welcome.
  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    Hiya Buddy,

    As most of these guys have said already you'll be fine. I did my first tri at the beginning of the month and despite all the nerves and tension it went fine.

    Take advise from those on this forum as they've been there and done it many more times than we have and have lived to tell the tale. Also, in my first tri almost a 1/5th of the entrants were first timers so you're not alone.

    Keeping training and all will come good. After that you'll be hooked.

  • I think we all make mistakes, no matter how long we've been doing it. Forget your nerves, Buddy, get the first one done, enjoy the sense of occasion, get addicted, enjoy the difference it makes to your life! [:D][:D][:D]

  • BuddyBuddy Posts: 20
    Thanks everyone - I feel more chilled out today!!!! Deep down I am really looking forward to it, but it is slowly starting to take over all my thoughts!! I love it though!
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    hi Buddy - are you training with a tri club ? if not give it some thought am sure there is one on the wirral .. chester has a good one. Anyhow let your training get you throught the nervey bits the rce is meant to be enjoyable & it will be plus is an excuse to buy yourself some more kit when you complete it for your next one.

  • BuddyBuddy Posts: 20
    Thanks Madnurse

    I have a trainer at the moment so he is coaching me one 2 one and giving me all the motivation I need, and he is really fantastic, but I think I may look into joining one as it more specific.

    I have been with my trainer for a few months now, but I decided that I was doing all this training but for no purpose other than to get fit and lose weight. So I thought I needed a goal to work towards and I decided to do this.
  • CenzoCenzo Posts: 91

    Forgive me if someones already put this bit on, but at work & busy (for a change!) so not read the whole thread.

    Have a look at the youtube website, apart from the comedy vids, if you search for Triathlon a guy has put some useful little shorts vids on there, some pretty decent advice too.
  • Hi Kate,

    My brother has been badgering me to enter a sprint tri for years. I eventually entered my first earlier this year (team event) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I did have a sneaky look at the previous year's results just to make sure I wasn't going to make a complete tit of myself prior to entering.

    I certainly wasn't the slowest on my leg despite falling off my (borrowed from a pal) bike in front of aforementioned brother, wife, parents and my young kids.

    So get on the web and look up last year's splits. The other thing that I've been doing is going to watch some other local tris. There are all shapes and sizes, ages etc. competing with all levels of ability. I'm sure you'll be fine.


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