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I'd be interested in any thoughts....

I have a standard 07 specialized allez sport (tiagra) which I get along well with but can't help thinking about getting a 'better' bike with a carbon frame and upgraded groupset.

I've got around £1000 and was looking at the Focus Cayo or Planet X SL carbon ultegra. I mainly do longer events (ironman last year and this, several long sportives) and want a road bike with racing bias rather than a TT bike.

Firstly, really how much better are these two than my current bike? Am I really going to notice a difference?

Secondly, any others I should add to the shortlist?

Cheers for any help!


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Interesting I have a friend who also has a specialised allez and guess what he keeps phoning me up asking for a lend of one of my bikes any time he has a serious ride! I have loads of bikes but he just loves the Principia RSL - my winter bike; the geometry and set up is excellent for him. The point is that you having a short list is a good thing but what if those bikes do not suit you; their geometry,set-up, dimensions etc may not be right for you, particularily if you intend doing an IronMan. Two pieces of advice get measured up and know your ideal bike dimensions and set-up (some aspects of set-up are personal preference). There is a myriad of measurement methods, I found the most accurate one to be the one on the competitivecyclist.com site - it also has a facility to suggest an ideal frame. When you know your dimensions try out a few bikes all the time aware that you can manipulate set-up (change stem, adjust seatpost, saddle, etc) and get the one that is right for you and also the coolest looking one. The second piece of adice is take a look at the karmasutra of bike positions pages on I think bikeking Michigan or something like that. A short ancedote, I recently spent a rather large amount on a P3C fully equipped and specced, the dimensions were right but I could not get the set-up the way I wanted so I sent it back and got the next size up, the point being that you have to start with basic knowledge of dimensions, geometry and size but you must feel the bike in order to get it right. Good luck and take your time, don't buy on the internet and avoid the chain stores, buy from a local shop there you'll get good advice and the opportunity to take it back if it doesn't feel right
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    scottwscottw Posts: 3
    Thanks for the tips treefrog. I did get properly measured by Sigma Sport when I got the Allez so I kind of know what dimensions I require but I take your point about the setup.

    I guess I'm trying to weigh up the choice between perhaps just upgrading groupset/wheels or getting a new bike. Not sure which would get me the best improvement for the money


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    blaiseblaise Posts: 23

    I am in completely the same boat as you- own an allez and lookign to step up to a similar price range of you. At times it can all get a bit baffling about the different group sets, carbon types available, then it doesnt help when you see things like this advertised (http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.aspx?Cat=cycle&ProdID=5360032367&N=Focus%20Izalco%20Tria%202008)

    but you can only buy on the internet. Echoing some of the key words of the other guys, I'm literally now sacking off any kind of wish list and literally going to go around a few shops and just see what feels good and right for me as thats whats most important. In that respect its good to find a shop of knowledgable people who are also KEEN to help. Defo gonna make sure I can take the big out for a big old ride prior to buying aswell....
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    mike_trimike_tri Posts: 60
    I'm thinking of upgrading the groupset on my bike as well, but i haven't a clue what i need as it's all just soooo confusing[8|]
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