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winter duathlon series, chase race

check out chaserace.co.uk for duathlon racing on cannock chase over the winter.[:D]

simon smith

chase race


  • feedback on the website from you guys would be much appreciated. www.chaserace.co.uk
  • jigjig Posts: 4
    I found the website useful and gave all the info i needed -- the links to the course routes are good.

    With regards to the race series, I would like to give it a go but I am a real novice to duathlon (thought this winter series would help me prepare for some decent on road races next year) -- I am conincerned about the "down hill" descriptions --- will I be out of my depth as a novice entering?

  • GraemeGraeme Posts: 48
    I'm pretty interested in the offroad duathlon. In fact, I think the fact the course is technically demanding makes it more interesting for me as it'll be a bit different.

    In response to your request for feedback on the site, then generally looks good, but a couple of the links dont work.

    Thanks and I think i'll be getting my name down soon

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