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Cycle Shoes - Tri or Road?

I am getting my first real road bike in the next couple of weeks, having competed on a friends road bike previously, and I not sure what shoes to get? Should I get some proper Tri spec. shoes like T Speeds or some other single strap type or go for normal road shoes?

I intend to do quite a number of Tri's next year including UK 70.3 and then an ironman in 2008.

I would like to race in tri shoes, but if I buy then now and ride them, through the winter, will I end up recking them before the race season (also cold feet in winter?)?

So buy Tri now and ride all winter, or buy road now and look to upgrade to Tri's next season?

All advice appreciated.

Sorry for the rambling nature!



  • I bought T-speeds recently and have used them once racing and about 7-8 times training - they're very rigid and a breeze to get in and out of if you're going for 'clipped-in transitions'. I find them a bit of a narrow fit which surprised me as normally my feet love Nike, so make sure of the fit. I would say,whatever you get,use them all the time to wear them in, especially for IM distance - if you get cold, wear overshoes ( which you'll need anyway if you're riding thru' winter)

    Hope this helps
  • I use my road shoes for tris and never had a problem, make sure they have the velcro rather than a ratchet on the side though.

  • BFCBFC Posts: 10
    Thanks for the advice guys, I shall go forth and decide.

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