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Club La Santa - what to do

My wife has booked in to week long Pilates course at Club La Santa in September and I thought I'd go along too and get some good training in along with a bit of a holiday.

I wondered if anyone has been? The week I'm going doesn't have any tri camps on, though it looks like there are mini triathlons each week. Are there Tri coaches available on site? Not really sure how it all works. I notice there are bikes available to hire - are they any good?

Questions, questions, questions...Really looking forward to it, the first holiday I've booked where excersise will be one of the main focuses as opposed to just the usual eating and drinking (though sure there will be a bit of that mixed in!).


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    I'd recommend it 100%, there is so much to do there you won't get bored. There is a 10k run every morning at 8am and loads of other classes and events. The bikes are Specialized road bikes. The Olympic pool is also fantastic.
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    Thanks melmerby. I can't wait to go.
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