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Swim Panic


firstly Don't panic

secondly according to the coach I had at the London Tri Swim day probably about a third of your wave will be doing breast stroke. In my first open water race there were breast strokers quicker than my front crawl..

last and by no means least..just relax have faith in your training and concentrate on the reason why you are doing the event ... you won't look stupid and when you are finished you'll be a triathlete


  • Hello everybody, this is my first post so bare with me.

    Basically, about 6 months ago I signed up to do the London Triathlon (Olympic Distance) for Leukaemia Research. The bike & run are not a problem but due to one reason or another my swimming sessions have suffered & I've just not been able to get to grips with front crawl. I can swim 1500m breaststroke but now I'm having a huge panic that a) it's going to take forever & b) i'll be the only one in the river & c) i'll look stupid. Obviously not a lot can be done now with just over 1 week to go but I was just wondering if anybody could put my mind at ease before I make myself go mental!! I've really enjoyed the training that I've done so don't really want to pull out.
  • rolyatnairolyatnai Posts: 9
    There is one simple fact - you're doing this to prove to yourself you can do it - no-one else, so go out and do it - take whatever time you need, and relax, if you can breast stroke a mile you'll be fine, let us know how you get on

  • RobRob Posts: 209

    There were people doing breaststroke at Wimbleball & that was a 1.9km swim. I was 'attempting' front crawl & I think some of them probably beat me. Stick with what you know & are comfortable with; now (or the race) is not the time to be changing stroke or trying something you're not used to. I'm sure you'll do great.

    There are some previuos threads somewhere on the forum about first swims with lots of good advice, check those out too.

    Have a good one.

  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Hi Dylan

    Like Rob, I did front crawl at Wimbleball - but alongside a lady going at the same speed doing breaststroke with her head out of the water. I can't breaststroke (the knees won't take it) but I was very grateful to her because I could spot using her cos she knew exactly where she was going! We finished at about the same time, and she was a lot less out of breath than I was!

    Some of the ladies at Wimbleball were doing a combination of strokes including backstroke.

    Don't worry about it, just relax and enjoy it. You won't look stupid, and there will be a lot of other doing the same thing. Have a good time!
  • luaphorluaphor Posts: 7
    I'm too doing the London Tri, this will be my 3rd after starting this year, and

    after 6-7 months trying to do front crawl I'm still struggling.

    The previous 2 events I ended up doing breaststroke ( 1 open water and 1 pool) because I seem to swim faster

    like this. But I made up a lot of time on the bike and run sections to finish well up the field.

    As long as you get to the end of the swim no one cares if you do doggy paddle, their

    to busy struggling with front crawl themselves.

    Good Luck and Enjoy!
  • MeadoMeado Posts: 17

    Don't worry mate. I signed up to the Olympic distance in a moment of madness. Swimming is still my biggest weakness of the three, although once we're out of the water i'm sure that we'll both fly by the other stronger swimmers.

    From what i have been taught in my swimming lessons is not to panic, stay calm and focus on completing the swim. Apparently it is the disipline everyone worries about the most but is the shortest part of the Triathlon.

    Good luck for sunday mate.

  • Just a quick note to thank you all for setting my nerves at ease, it made a real difference. I finished on Sunday in 3h 21mins & the swim was the hardest thing I think I've ever done in my life. I'm pretty sure I invented some new strokes along the way but managed to get out after 53 mins! After that the cycle & run seemed like a breeze & the spectators were amazing. What a feeling!!! Can't wait for the next one now but first some swim coaching I think!
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