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Improving run time

Finished my first Half Ironman on Saturday which I'm really proud of but I was disapointed with my time. The swim which I was dreading went well (2k - 44mins) and the bike although slow (it was very windy) was about my normal pace (90k - 3:24) but my run (21K) was an embarassing 2:41:41. I'm not fast anyway and finish half marathons just under the 2hr mark but my legs just died towards the end of the run. I followed one of the internet training plans and did all (OK, most) of the brick sessions. Is there anything specific I can do to improve the run time or should I just concentrate on general fitness and more brick sessions?


  • well done on your first half IM!

    2.41 is nothing to be ashamed of when youve done that much exercise

    you shouldnt be so harsh on yourself as im presuming that your previous half marathons have been done when you have been fresh

    was it a hilly course?

    which half IM did you do?
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    Mike............. you finished..............now you've set yourself a target for your next one!!!
  • The course wasn't hilly - the bike was dead flat - but the run included two laps of a mountain base track that has lots of small but steep inclines all the way round. 2nd time round this was a killer and my legs just went to jelly after one of the small climbs! The triathlon was the Tauranga Half Ironman in NZ.

    I'm going to concentrate on my running for a few months and try to get some speed into my legs.

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