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Tacx Satori Trainer

Tacx Satori Turbo Trainer + DVD + 2X Spinervals 6 mths old used once

£100 + postage


  • Whereabouts are you. Anywhere in the south east or London area. If not, how much do you think postage would be?
  • stevepstevep Posts: 17
    Hi sorry im late getting back visiting parents, i would say 10 pounds postage as i live in Brize Norton Oxfordshire, if its more then i will pay the differance, if its less i will return you the difference, if you can let me know soonest as someone else is interested,as you were the first to contact me.you have first refusal thanks

  • Yeah, still interested. Just let me know how to make payment and i'll send it to you. Do you have paypal?
  • stevepstevep Posts: 17
    Hi Craig yes i have a paypal account, im not sure how you pay the money what do you need from me my full name is stephen parfitt, the turbo is all boxed up and ready to go just send me your address wednesday is the day i can get to the post office im going offline now will log on tomorrow after swim thanks

  • Just been onto paypal site and I need your email address that is registered with them. Might need more than that but cant get past the first screen without address.
  • stevepstevep Posts: 17
    Hi my paypal email address is [[email protected]][email protected][/email]

    thanks steve
  • Hi Steve,

    I have sent £10 just to make sure that the transaction is correct. Having never used Paypal this way before, wanted to make sure that the funds were going to the correct person. Let me know when you have the £10 and I will transfer the rest. Regards, Craig
  • stevepstevep Posts: 17
    Hi recieved £9.46 paypal must charge me a fee dont know what for dont know how much it will be for £100 the fee will be £3.60 so carry on thans Please give me your address


    This item is now SOLD[:D]
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