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vittoria pitstop

Hi does anybody carry Vittoria pitstop for their tubs if so in what and were



  • husslerhussler Posts: 237
    I dont carry this but I have been looking at it for this season...

    As it also inflates your tub upto 100psi which should get you back to T2 ok.

    I usually carry my spare Tub in my aqua rack fastened to the back of my saddle, using some tape to make sure it doesnt bounce out so ill do the same with the pitstop stuff if I decide to give it a try.....

    Anyone had experience with this stuff? Ease of use, effectiveness etc...
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Some brands have the same products that come with a handy plastic clip, which clips onto your frame or seat post.

    I even think Vittoria have them too!??
  • sevenspudsevenspud Posts: 45
    Dragged this thread up from a month ago,

    Can anyone help me on how to use Vittoria pit stop?

    I have 50mm deep aero wheels with tubs, can you put the pitstop over the valve extender to inflate? or do you remove the valve extender and try to put the nozzle over the valve inside the wheel?

    Am doing first middle distance tri this weekend (beaver) and not rode long distances on tubs before. Am taking a spare tub in case as well have not got a clue how to change a tub. When you buy a tubular do they come with tape?

    Any help will be much appreciated
  • husslerhussler Posts: 237
    It should be fine just sticking it on the valve extention.

    Im doing beaver and will be taking one spare tub and a tube of pitstop aswell. Tubs dont come with tape on, you have to fit tape on yourself.

    However, here is a quick guide to replacing a tub in a race.

    1) remove wheel

    2) work the tub loose with finger/thumb action opposite the valve

    3) peel tub off wheel, (requires strong fingers/thumbs)

    4) place 'new' tub on wheel, using finger thumb action as you would a clincher. (make sure the 'new' tub is pre stretched otherwise you will spend 10 mins fighting with it)

    5) pump up/CO2 it to required pressure

    6) ride off and win the race:)

    My spare tub is the old one I replaced with a brand new one before season start, so I know it should go on ok. Plus the tape comes off the rim with the tub, so its should have a little bit of stickyness left on when refitting.

    If you are using a brand new tub or one without any tape on, you wont have time to fit tape onto the rim, (although this only takes an extra few mins) make sure its pre stretched and it should be ok to ride back to transition without tape on but aware that there is increased risk of the tub skipping off the rim without tape on.

    But as I said it should be ok.

    Using the Pitstop, just jam it on the valve press in and tub should be filled with gunk, sealing pressure and it should be slightly inflated too but you may have top it up with pump/CO2.

    See you at Beaver!!
  • sevenspudsevenspud Posts: 45
    Thanks Hussler.

    Will take spare tub (new) with no tape and hope that I dont need it or the pitstop.

    Have you done Beaver before?
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