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Abdominal cramps

Just done the brinscal tri and suffered severe lower right sided abdo pain on the run. Bit like cramp. Ended up walking most of the run. Have had them before whilst cycling. Don't think I drank too much in transition. The sports massage guy wondered if it could be muscular. Just wondered if anyone else had similar problems or any suggestions on how to eradicate them[:(]


  • HI - could be as simple as you being in oxygen debt ... ie working your body harder / faster then you can breathe in air for the given work rate of activity - this is remedied at the time by decreasing the workrate and long term through training adaption to enable a better VO2 max . On the run especially this could also be due to deficiency of salt / electrolites. I imagine you would have drank enough during your race but was this mostly water. You may need to consider adjusting your fluid balance intake during a race to include a carb / electrolyte mix.

    hope this some help.

  • I get this problem all the time. Had to stop during the 70.3 for a wee crap. I have looked into it and seemingly it may be due to ischemia of the gut as all the blood is being used in the legs there is not enough for the gut. There was a case of a guy having to have a piece of gut resectioned following an ironman. The only thing I have found which helps is Diacalm ultra or another type of anti diarrohea tablet. I am open to other suggestions.
  • RockyRocky Posts: 6
    I have experienced similar cramps, and proceeded to research it online. One possible cause could be, too much carbohydrate in the gut thus slowing down the absorption of liquid through the stomach. This causes the liquid you will have taken in on the bike to sit in the stomach, rather than being used by the body, thus straining the supporting stomach muscles as it swishes around as you run. If you use a sports drink that is high in carbs this could be the cause, certainly by changing what I drink to a weak squash solution on the bike leg I have noticed a marked difference. I am not a medical man, but this seems to work for me. Good Luck
  • Thanks rocky

    I'd drank a high carbohydrate drink that morning/ early afternoon. That might be the cause of it. Managed the Great north run last sun with no cramps so hopefully they'll settle

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