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Training Structure


I have started doing a few Triathlons this years which I would like

to carry on next year.

Although the training has seemed to be going ok, I have no structure

to it just swimming running and biking during the week.

Does anyone know of any good books or websites that have good

training programmes which I can follow.




  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Hi Paul

    It might be handy before you sit down to structure your training to plan a few strategic races into your diary - this will give you an indication of how long you have to prepare yourself , as well the types of training needed. bit of a difference needed for a sprint season to that of ironman. Having completed a few races this year already you will an idea of your strengths and perhaps more importantly your weaknesses in tri & can work productively on these.

    I followed Joe Friels 'The Triathletes Training Bible' which I found really useful giving advice right across the field on not just training but also on diet, recovery & planning a race season 12 months ahead.


    There are many good sources of advice on the net this the '220' site being one and 'tritalk' the other in the uk. As well as many publications you might find.

    http://www.triathletes-uk.org/index.shtml ..... is good for finding races

    Lastly - assuming you haven't already - joining a local tri club should help you structure things further as well giving another source of experince to tap into

    hope that some help

  • I use (& like) this book as it keeps the level of training in perspective http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1579547486/026-9984824-0136467?v=glance&n=266239&s=books&v=glance

    There is no doubt that the "Training Bible" is the definetive article.
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