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I have entered the UK Ironman in August, and was wondering if anybody

knows where I can get some sort of schedule from.

I have a good level of fitness and started triathlons last year,

after years of running an biking.

But i need a schedule otherwise i have nothing to measure how well

it's going.

thanks in advance


  • HI Luaphor

    I did Ironman UK 2006 I bought Don Fink's book Be IronFIT it has 3 levels of shedule over 30 weeks period also breakdown of swim sessions at each stage I thought it was easy to follow as well in terms of the way it was written

    Good luck

    triaddict [:)]
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Luaphor, I had a similar question a while ago but was unable to get hold of the plan they ran in 220 mag, which was either last year or the year before. In 220 Tri mag next issue there's part one of a long distance training plan. See you in Sherborne!

  • I have been using a plan I found on the following site.


    It's aimed more at a beginner like myself and I have to admit to struggling to keep strictly to it but it seems pretty good as a general rule and has helped me prepare for New Zealand.

    Whats your take on Tri suit or swim / bike / run clothing for the Ironman distance (see my posting today)

    Good luck.

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