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Bikes on planes, help needed again please


I have asked for advice before on getting a bike overseas on a plane and got some great advice.

I have a bit of a problem and am a tad worried, If anyone could offer any advice it would be great, Thanks in advance.

Im a confirmed entry for the Lanzarote Ironman next may 19th, my first Triathlon.

Ive got my accomodation booked and flights booked with Monarch Airlines, now they said they will take a bike over for a mere 15 quid! All fine i thought.

The problem i have is that they cannot book the bike on the flight, its just a case of turn up on the day and hope the plane aint full of too much weight/bikes etc (there will probably be a few bikes going i guess) or else my bike simply dont fly!

What can i do? If my bike dont get a "ride" im stuck for a ride at the other side, so to speak.

If anyone could offer advice id be a very happy man.

Regards, Rich


  • I have never heard of companies turning freight away – however what they may do is charge you a whopping amount to carry it!! Ive seen that happen a few times, so I would expect to get stung in the wallet. Im impressed your doing an Ironman as your FIRST triathlon by the way, bl00dy hell! Hats off to you!
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