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compact crankset

hello all

as a newbie to triathlon and duathlon I was hoping to sport my focus cayo. however to cut a long story short someone has told me that the cayo would be pretty much useless for tri or duathlon due to its compact cranket of 50/34.

can anyone confirm or dispute this?

cheers all


  • scotchioscotchio Posts: 19
    It really comes down to the course, If it's hilly you may do well to have a compact, for a completly flat course maybe higher gearing is a better bet. However if it's your first I wouldn't worry too much, go and do it first and see how you get on.

    Good luck
  • Hi Jig

    In your biggest gear (50x smallest sprocket) can you pedal fast enough on the flat that you run out of revs? Ifyou can pedal at 100 rpm and maintain that pedal speed and do that with your biggest gear then maybe you need to change your gearing. How many teeth on the smallest sprocket? if you change your cassette to an 11-21 (10) or 11-19 (8) you will have a very big top gear and won't have a problem going down hill. With the 34x 19 or 21 you should be able to climb most walls!

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