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which half IM

hello all

im going to compete in my first half IM next year,i was wondering which ones would you all recomend??

they all seem to be hilly,which is not a problem,but i would like my first one to be enjoyable,if that is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • [:D]why not try the vitruvian at rutland water yes the bike may have a couple of hills in it but i did it 2 years ago and really enjoyed it, i may do it again this year if i can fit it in with all the others that i want to do...bye the way i did it in 5hrd 9 mins which i was over joyed with being a fat bloke on a bike....[:D][:D][8D]
  • i would recommend the vitruvian as well

    its not quite a half IM as cycle 5km short but very good race

    there are a couple of big hills but as long as know about and have therfore done some hill training then you should be ok

    swim is 2 laps which is good if your not a strong swimmer as briefly have to get out of the water

    i did it this year and will prob do it next as well

    its also in september so gives you whole season to train for it

  • If you're looking for a flat HIM, consider the Big Half at Trentham Gardens. The bike course is pancake-flat. If you've got the stomach for a few short climbs (nothing really taxing) then the Vitruvian is a superb race.
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    i did helvellyn & eastnor castle last year ... both awesome and challenging with a cheeky few hills thrown in along the way. cant recommend highly enough.

    why go long when you can vertical ....


    ps will be slotting in the following

    Bala middle dist

    Chester olympic

    Austria IM

    Salford olympic

    Vitruvian middle dist

    Helvellyn middle dist

    & the OMM .......

    plus a few others as the mood grabs me
  • DRBDRB Posts: 5
    Cleveland "Tinman" is as flat as you can get, small field, great lake (just off the A1). 2007 will be its second year.
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