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hello all

im thinking about buying some new wheels,was lookink at ZIPP,PLANET-X etc.

can anyone give me any advice on what to buy,and do they make a great deal of differance,as it is alot of cash-to-splash out!!!!!! i have a good bike (quintana roo) with ok standard wheels on it.

thanks all


  • I am new to Tri (doing Ironman New Zealand in March - in at the deep end) but used to time trial a lot. I used to run with either Corima Aero's or Four spokes (+ Disc), I got a pair old Zipp 440's off my brother as he had pretty much given up riding and find them more responsive than the Aero's but similar to the Four spokes. If I was starting up from new or had the cash to splash then I would definatly go for the Zipp 404's or even the 606 package (deeper rim rear). Of course you can now get the clincher version too which may be best for you for the shorter events but I would probably stick with the tubular version myself just for the better ride.
  • My new TT/Tri bike has Planet X 82 & 101 carbon tubulars, look great, feel great, comfortable ride, but haven't had a chance to race them yet so can't say they ARE great.

    Some say that as Tri courses are more "sporting" than time trial courses, you don't make the best use of a disk. Hence my choice of deep section rear, now i can use them for all events! Next year i want a disk though - just for the bling!

  • ILMAKRILMAKR Posts: 20
    What are the benefits of a disc?

    I'm new to all this, not looking to buy one - just curious

  • A disc wheel is more aerodynamic at higher speeds, certainly over 20mph. The downside is that a disc is heavier and therefore requires more energy to get it up to speed. These two points mean that a disc wheel is great for fast, flatish, less technical (less sharp corners) TT courses, where you can get up to speed and stay there.

    It can therefore be argued that for most Tri courses a disc wheel will provide little benefit, it comes down to how aero, how confortable and how fast you are.

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    You can always hear a bike with a disk on it. Makes a humming noise. Reminds me of Gary boys with there big exhausts lol.

    If I were you, the best option I think is the Planet X 50s. They are decent priced, and if you are not an elitist will be best value for money.

    I want these badly, but have a 5" 2 girlfriend who keeps convincing me that my money is best served towards a deposit for a house. She has no idea.
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