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hello all

this may sound a silly question,but is there any differance between rigid and folding tyres?

i normal have rigid but i got some new wheels and just bought some new folding tyres for them,they seem to be a little tougher than other ones i have had in the past.

PLUS my new wheels are more aero so i think i need longer than nomal valves on the tubes?

do i need to get some valve extensions? do they fit on to any tubes?

thanks all


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Hairysteve,I thought some one would have answered your query by now,Rigid/folding I cannot help you with.If you have deep rim wheels you will need to get special innertubes with longer valve stems,measure the rim or take it to the bike shop and they should provide the right inners.Hope this helps,I use folding micheline prorace as they seem to do the right job,but that is personal preferance.Best of luck.
  • SiHSiH Posts: 5
    I might be wrong, but, folding tyres are lighter as they do not have the steel beads to help them stay on the rim. The down side to this is that they have a slighty smaller inner circumferance, which makes them (IMO) difficult to take on and off. This is not such a problem given time, but in a race situation, you may loose a few precious hard earnt minutes changing a tube.
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