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ITB problems

helllo all

i have been suffering with ITBS for the last six weeks,i have been doing all the stretching and icing etc.

but still i cant run more than 5 or 6 mins without getting pain.

HOW long can i expect this to last,i was hoping to do london tri in august!!!!!

also have any of you had any luck using acupunture etc,i was also thinking about asking my G.P for a cortisone jab.

many thanks all


  • handyrobhandyrob Posts: 31
    ITBS - is affecting the band of muscle that runs from your hip to your knee?

    If it is have you tried foam rolling it? Its basically massaging it yourself by rolling over a hard foam tubing, it works a treat but beware - it also hurts like hell at first. Thenits probably best to strengthen the muscles in your legs as the ITB is probably firing up to easily compared to the other muscles. Performing lunges is probably a good idea, and then other exercises such as squats perhaps
  • GallantryGallantry Posts: 38
    Hi HairySteve - can only reiterate what HandyRob has said - get yourself a foam roller - painful but great maintenace. Also look at getting a really good deep sports massage focused on the ITB - again v painful but no pain no gain right ;o)

    I'm doing London too - so see you there!!

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