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Knee pain

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum thing, although I have read this forum on the odd occasion as a guest. I need some advice really. I'm a novice oly distance triathlete, at chester this year, I posted a 30 min swim, 1 hour 15 bike, but as I started the run, I had terrible pain on the outside/lateral side of both knees, I couldn't run it off and ended up with a 59 min run, the pain faded the next day and hurt more coming down stairs! bizarre I know, but true, any advice would be appreciated, it may put me off until I can figure out what causes it. Thanks


  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Off the top off my head two things come to mind from my limited knowledge.

    You bike could be set up wrong which aggrevates the knee and then this is expressed in your run, so it could be worthwhile getting s professional to help set it up.

    Or it could be the simple fact that you aren't used to running off the bike and need to look at doing more brick sessions to condition your body (espcially if you've just gone straight into doing Oly dist tri).

    Having put that it could be a combination of both the above. It's not an exhaustive list though!
  • Hi Ian

    I am no doctor and this may be different but i had similar experience when i upped my run weely distance last year whilst training for a 1/2 marathon.

    Training mileage should only ever be increased by max 10% per week to allow the body to cope.

    I suffered with ITB, Illiateral band syndrome (google it, loads of runners injury websites will explain better.) The band from hip to knee gets swollen and agitated and becomes sore when running!

    In simple terms an inexperienced/novice athlete pushing/training too hard too fast - i jumped from 7 milers to 12 milers too quicky and had trouble - fine now just rest and slow down.


  • Ian check this out, it is definitely ITB - easy to treat.


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