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Thought I would share my experience of buying a pair of cheap running shoes from a local sports shop.

On deciding that I would take the step and train for a triathlon I went to my local sports store and bought a pair of cheapish (£30) nike running trainers. Approx 100 to 200 yards into my first session I got quite severe pains in my right calf, followed shortly by pains in my left (too painfull to carry on.) I rested for several days, but the problem persisted.

This continued for about a month. I then spoke to a physio who immediatley suggested I go to a specialist running shop, take their advice, and buy new trainers.

This i did.

Tonight (wearing my new running shoes), I managed to run a couple of miles with no problems.

I have participated in running events in the past, 10k road races, fell running - saunders mountain marathon, but never attached so much importance to my running shoes.

I share this for the benefit of any other novice triathletes, who might be considering buying new trainers.

Take advice from a specialist and avoid quite a painful (and unnecessary) injury.


  • as just about every part of the body can be affected by abusing your feet ie achillies damage, shin splints, itb knee problems back problems and the list seems to go on treating your feet to quality gear is a priority. also get a podiatrist to give your feet the once over with regards to whether you may need an orthotic.
  • I highly recommend Jonno at "Up and Running" in Dulwich

    Sweatshop in Tedington are v.good.

    Not a big fan of Run and Become though

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Just backing up what's already been said. Don't skimp on your trainers, buy the best pair you can't afford. And don't bother with JJB or any of the other 'leisure' sports outlets, go to a proper running shop, preferably with a treadmill where they can analyse your running. Take your old trainers with you too for them to look at. Buying an ill-fitting pair can be a lot more trouble (& pain) than they're worth.
  • jeanmongjeanmong Posts: 23
    I would like to add, do gait analysis once every year or more? I did one 4 years ago ( I was neutral at that time) and just did one one month ago ( convinced that I was still neutral..) , I am now Overpronator...(probably too much running on pavement...
  • JulieMacJulieMac Posts: 30
    It seems every ones advise is following the same trend and I'm probably just reaffirming whats been said it is really important to get the right footwear but if your having probs don't just rely on a running shop to check your gait I was told several times by different running shop professionals (well maybe a couple!) that with my gait I needed lots of medial support because they felt I over pronated but the problems persisted and on seeing a podiatrist and having my gait measured properly it was found I supranate. So it goes to show you can't always tell just by having some one watch you walk up and down.
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Me too,I was in Bikes and Fitness of Inverness (wonder if I'll get a discount for that blatent plug) to buy pedals and shoes. By good luck the Asics guy was there with testing peoples gait . I got ested and was given a lot of sound advice. Im sure other shops with different brands get a similar service but this was free. Might be worth getting down to your local running shop and enquiring. Definetly agree with rob, avoid the leisure type shops at all costs.
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