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Bar-end shifters and Felt bikes

Advice please,

Am looking into buying a Felt bike with about £1000 give or take which I thought meant the Felt S43 was my only option. however, end of season and all suddenly meant at local bike shop a T23 was into the picture which reduced from £1400 to £1100 seemed a great buy. however, rather than having the integrated carbon stryke aero bars with bar end shifters, this bike has normal racing handlebars with the aero add ons. I am coming to the end of my first season (only really got going in May/June this year) and hope to get about 2 hours 20mins in my last tri of the season at South Coast 3rd sept. The T23 bike would obviously be good with drafting races but as you can see I am quite a way off getting there yet (if ever!) Do those of you who race competitively with the bar end shifters find them making you get that much better times?

Your thoughts on bar-end shifters, Felt bikes and any other advice would be most welcome.



  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I too am interested in what comments people say about this. I too am thinking of buying a bike and like you the T23 is on my list.

    I noticed that the eilte don't use aero shifters. But I found out that this is due to not having to worry about drafting. So they tend to move about more. Also I have been told that having aero bars as opposed to attahced aero bars on normal handlebars can be quite hard to use if the triathlon is in a city or town, where a lot of twists and turns are encountered.

    Therefor my thoughts are:- I would love to buy a Trek with the aerobars, because it is designed for Tri, although with all the twists and turns in the UK, it may seem prudent to have attachement tri bars.

    Hope that makes sense

  • I have done four triatholons this year (Milton keynes x2; Cambridge and Dorney(Eton lake-human race) and spent over 95% of my time on the aero bars.
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