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Tri-specific shoes

Hi, does anyone have any good or bad comments on the tri-specific shoes out there? Theres a lot out there with lots of pretty names and features but whats working out in the field? A personal choice I know but any thoughts?


  • rebborebbo Posts: 58

    I have some silver Gearne shoes, that are good - usual single wide strap, carbon sole, etc. but a large elasticated bit on the instep that sometimes folds over as I put my foot into it on the bike, which can need fiddling with. And the heel loop, as on all tri shoes I've seen, is parallel to the shoe - perpendicular would be easier to get your finger into.

  • Thanks, thats really useful, I have always wondered why more shoes dont come with heel straps in the alignment that you would pull on them. I think the Diadoras IronHeart and IronTeam have this.
  • I recently bought the Northwave Tri Freeathlon shoe RRP £110 and paid £50 at Bike and Run in East Finchley, London www.bikeandrun.co.uk who still have limited sizes left. (think they are 44 and 46)

    They are designed like a sock you slip your foot into with a mesh around which is tightened by a strap on the back. Finally got the idea that you adjust strap on back to the right tightness so that all you do is slip your foot in while cycling and pull the front loop where a trainer shoe toungue would be then pull the heel one and you are in. I ama beginner at this but sometimes I manage to get them on quite quick.Getting off is really quick, tu on heel the front and your away. So for £50 pretty amazing, not sure I would want to pay £110 but thats just because there are so many other accessories which would be on my shopping list first, i.e. a nice new light time trial bike.

  • Just bought some Nike T speeds - seem pretty good but they have quite a pointy toe, which I didn't realise until I started wearing them as I have broad feet, however they should open up a bit. I used them for the first time in anger at the South Coast Tri ( pre-clipped, elastic bands etc) and they were a breeze to get in and out of whilst on the bike so that's a plus.
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