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Felt S32 52cm 2006 For sale

Im thinking of selling 'me beloved felt' as money has been found and the lure of carbon is coming my way, so before launching the for sale ads, i thought id offer it up to someone that might use it for its intended purpose, like you guys and gals.

Here is a review if you are not familiar.


Barely been ridden to be fair, maybe 500 miles.

Its a 52cm, about 2 months old, I bought it with a long term intention but now im just about able to make the carbon jump so a bargain really. At the moment im not sure what to price it at. They retail at £1100 and I know im going to take a big hit on that but at the same time am looking for something honest and reasonable. Only has a mark on one side on the tektro levers where I leant it stupidly against my wall. But pretty superficial to be honest.
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