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Why can't I swim any distance?

I have been swimming in the pool for a few months , but the problem is I can only manage about 3-4 lengths of a 33m length pool before I am completely knackered and need to stop. Even at training nights at a 25 m pool 4 lengths and I am really feeling the strain.

How come I see people a lot older than me just swimming and swimming and swimming?


  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    I was in exactly the same boat. And it was all about technique, I would highly recommend getting some proessional coaching sessions to help sort your stroke. I went from not being much better to you to now being able to just about swim 1500m. Likewise my 50m time went from 54 to 34 seconds after two weeks of coaching so it really does pay to get your techinque sorted. Then you'll be able to train far more effectively on your own.
  • FLaPFLaP Posts: 13
    Cheers Bonus B - I get some tuituion at training night with my Tri club, and I have seen an improvement in my swimming from what it used to be like, but it is still frustrating me. Maybe 1-2-1 pro coaching might be better?
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Could be worthwhile, not sure where you love but, I know Robin Brew is good and he does swim sessions up in Guildford and one or two other places. Probably better to go to a swimday or something along those lines as it'd be cheaper? Not sure though.
  • Hi Flap...

    I was the same as you then I realised (before coaching) that I was breathing all wrong and it wasn't actually cos I was knacked but more that I wasn't breathing correctly...this was fixed by reading a book

    But as BonusB says a coach makes all the difference - I haven't had a consistant run with the coach but my "normal" speed has dropped in only a couple of sessions and my 50m is down a little way 2...

  • FLaPFLaP Posts: 13

    Yeah that sounds about right - I am always out of breath more than can't physically go on. What was this book you read about breathing?
  • it was a combination of total immersion and the 220 mags swim tech articles ...

    the thing i was trying to do was hold my breath underwater then try to exhale and inhale out the water which you don't have time for...

  • FLaP - swimming's my best discipline ( which isn't saying much) and I find it far easier in open water than in a pool. I think it's all the turning round - you just get into a rythmn and then you have to stop & turn. You could try finding a decent lake where you can just swim and swim while sorting out your technique ?
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