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Tri Camp -v- Cycling Camp (Warm Weather)

So here is the deal our Tri club are organising a warm weather training week next year. So obviously it will be a tri specific week. My question to all you is i am traing for my Second IM i am caught between doing a full cycling week prob getting in about 500miles into the legs or doing the tri week where it will drop to about 300miles on the bike and split between swim and run. Would i actually make up that much time in my swimming due to this weeks training (3.8k in 1hr19min) or would i benefit more from improving cycling technique also loosing a few pounds weight in the process..........................Comment gratefully accepted[:-]


  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Hi Stew

    Don't know much about IM training but I'd have thought the coaching you'd get on a tri-specific week would be beneficial. Even if you're swim time doesn't come down you might make some efficiency improvements that will save energy for the bike and run.

    Maybe someone with half IM and IM experience will give you a different perspective.

  • jojojojo Posts: 76
    Hi Guys

    I did a tri specific training camp last year and it was great preparation for my first triathlon the London Tri.

    would be interested in cycling specific training holidays - are there any good ones that you know of?

  • n1ck bn1ck b Posts: 27

    I'm also looking to do a training week some where warm next year to create a good start to the season. Which Tri Club are you with?
  • Well Guys,

    My Tri Club our "Setanta" based in Ireland we are heading for Mallorca for a week in April i will get you the contact detail for the organising company and post them here.

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