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Ironman entrance fee

I read in the magazine, that the UK Ironman lost something like £60,000 this year, and thus the fee is going up to £235 (£275 inc late payment). With 1500 competitors, I make that £375,500 income (assuming 1000/500 split on fees) that they are going to make, purely from the entrance fees. How come that they make a loss on this event??? Where does all the money go???? It just seems that it is too expensive for many people, particuarly those on lowish incomes.


  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Here here... I can only assume that they pay large amounts to use the I dot brand.... support the smaller events - longest day for example... you'll still be an iron person!
  • Hi Samtheman,

    I completed IronmanUK this year, and to be honest it was the finest organised event I have completed in my 2 years of events. Having been there I can see exactly where all of the money goes. The organisation is down to a 'tee' and there are so many tents, displays, and stands to use and visit, the day was outstanding.

    Don't get me wrong, 275 pounds is a lot of money and you have to be very keen to enter in the first place. But I felt it was worth the money.

    That said, this year I fancy the Big Woody, and its cheaper.

    Anywho, hope your training goes well

  • probably cost them quite a bit to close the road for the day as well. i would sign up for an Ironman race in the US since the courses are better and with the current exchange rate, it's probably cheaper to pay for the entrance fee and air tickets than entering an Ironman race in the UK.

    having said that, we make a lost whatever we do (eg. building the english channel, the waterloo and city line, the wembley stadium and now the olympic village) it's absolutely ridiculous. i doubt we can build the olympic village on time.
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    The Lanzarote has cost me 350 Euros for next year, which worked out at about 245 UKP

    I thought that all IM,s were roughly the same costs??

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