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What is considered a good time for your 1st triathlon?

I have just completed my 1st triatlon in wiltshire. My overall time for a sprint was 1 hr 23 secs.

400m swim 7.10

16k bike 28.59

5k run 24.14

How can I improve and where's a good place to get coaching?

When should I step up to the olympic distance?


  • Looking at those time your "weakest" leg was the run...but they are all decent times for a first crack...the important thing really with the first is the finishing and enjoying aspects of it..

    a tri club is the best place to start alot have some sort of coach and all offer good advice which is just as good a coaching...

    As for stepping up to olympic when you feel you are ready

  • I agree with loonytoon

    I found the best way to improve times is sprint training, you'll be surprised even if you just do one sprint session per week.

    There is plenty of articles on this, check runners world if you need more. Bascially set out a 400m course and run it as hard as you can. Then rest for a minute or so and then do it again 4 times.

    Gradually build this up to more reps and longer distances. You need to run 'till you can't run any faster.

    Good luck, it hurts and it's not fun, but it really works!

    This technique works with all disciplines.

  • That is pretty much the same as my first triathlon. I did the London Sprint distance in July 2004 in a time of 1h23m and then 2 months later went on to do the South Coast Olympic distance in 2h36m.

    My worst discipline is the run, but this year I completed a Half Ironman in 5h29m and am now planning to attempt the Full Ironman next year.

    The best way to improve is to create a training plan that progressively increases first endurance and then speed. But the most important thing I have found is that you have to listen to your body. If you are aching and sore, then skip the day's exercise and maybe have a gentle swim the next day. Never force your way through the pain barrier in training.

    Make sure that your motivated to train and make sure your enjoying it.
  • Interval training is good, but not as fast as possible, that leads to training anaerobically which won't help your average 10k run speed. Starting with Scotchio's 400m aim to complete the single distance at current race pace - 10%. now jog back to the beginning and do the same again - exactly! Repeat 8 times all at the same pace. Doing this once each week combined with a long slower run and at least one other run will see you improve your average run speed over the 10k distance. As you get used to the 400x8 @ race -10% increase the speed but make sure that you can maintain the same pace for all 8 reps, you can also cut the recovery distance.

  • Thanks for all the advice. Since then I competed in the south coast tri which ended up being a dualathlon, my times had improved and the 5k time was 22.11. getting there slowly. Overall time for the event this time was 1.11.02.

    I've increased my runs to 10ks now and am averaging about 46 mins at the moment. Also have joined a masters swimming club to improve my swimming and am still currently a member of my local athletics club. Still having probs finding a committed tri club close by as I work shifts. They don't seem to do enough cycling for me.

    Once again thanks for all the advice and any more will be appreciated.
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