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Glasses frame gets in the way!

Hello All

Have a pair of cheapo M:Vision DArc glasses from Wiggle, they are great except when in the aero position, the frame of the glasses in right where I'm trying to see! I have to either peer over the top of the frame or raise my head further (get very sore neck).

Anyone know of a reasonably priced pair that don't have a frame?

Many thanks


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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I use ESS ICE ballistic glasses (Army Issue) you can get them on ebay for about £30


    - Protect your eyes from debris (and just in case someone lobs a mortar round at you or fires a shotgun into your face from 5m)

    - 3 interchangeable lenses - clear (great for when its honking down), smoke and hi def yellow

    - If you wear specs (like me) and are doing a long distance where contacts would irritate then you can get a prescription insert

    Here is what they look like - apologies for the model!!!

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    Hi Zacnici

    They look just the ticket, as far as mortar attacks are concerned, you can never be too careful!! Cheers
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