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Hi All,

Im relatively new to triathlon with just london under my belt, but im pretty hooked. The open water swim was tricky at london as my goggles decided to leak early into the swim. Ive been recommended to buy some Aquasphere goggles, has anyone used these before, would you recommend them?


  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Depends on how your eyes are set, I have a bit of a neanderthal forehead and deep set eyes as a result so the smaller speed goggles are rubbish for me.

    I found both Aquaspehere Eagles and Zoggs Predators to be exceptionally good for both fit, vision and comfort. Though the preds do make me look like I went a round with Tyson for a while afterwards. [8D]
  • have been using the Aquasphere Kaimans and have found them to be really good all round goggles - think the Aquasphere Eagles came out well recently in a 220 kit test.
  • I've got Aquasphere Eagles too, I think they're great. No leaks, no misting, no problems!
  • I've used Aquasphere goggles for open water swimming quite a bit and I've found them very good for training. In a pool I'd go for a smaller pair, more like a race goggle. The aquasphere are great value goggles too. There was a grouptest of goggles done in issue 199 I think. If you want to check out some other brands, Zoggs are good, as are Maru and Swans. If you can, try on a few different shapes to see what suits you.

    Best of luck!

  • rob1rob1 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the advice guys. I tried a few pairs of the Aquasphere goggles and thought they were top notch kit. In the end I actually bought a couple of pairs of Aquasphere Kaiman goggles, im going to use these over the winter period and then pick up a pair of Aquasphere Seal XP goggles for the open water training and swimming.

    I also looked at their wetsuits too, they gave me food for thought going into next season but one step at a time I suppose.
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