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Triathlon virgin!

Hi guys, Im new to the Forums....

Im a Triathlon virgin, I have never competed and never entered even a fun triathlon. I really need some help as I would love to start taking up the sport. Im quite fit, I regualrly attend the gym and need an entry point.

Does anyone have any good web sites that would help a beginner? I used to swim for Colchester, I have run a marathon before and i recently cycled from London to Paris. and what better sport than one that combines all 3 diciplines!

what are the distinces for the swim the cycle and the run? How would i go about training? are there any events for amatures? so many questions! any help would be appreciated!

many thanks guys......

Paul Banham


  • Hi welcome to forum...long post coming up sorry

    an entry point for most people is a club or entering a local sprint(more on what this means later) distance triathlon or both... tis what alot of people on here have done...the British Tri Assoc website (www.britishtriathlon.co.uk) list clubs and events...

    Most beginner problems revolve around swimming something I suspect you'll not have a much of a problem with. Books tend to better than websites I have found and the triathlete's training bible by joe friel and triathlon 101 by Karen Smyers have both been recommended on here before..I have the former and its good though technical in places.

    Distances (these are typical and do vary depending on the course)

    Super-sprint/fun - distances vary but a typically about half that of the sprint distance


    Swim 750m - Bike 20km - run 5km - pool based sprints often have shorter swims of 400 or 500 metres

    Olympic distance or classic distance

    swim 1500m - bike 40km - run 10km

    Half-ironman (if organised by the ironman company these are call Ironman 70.3)

    swim 1.2miles - bike 56mile - run 13.1


    Swim 2.4miles - bike 112miles - run 26.2miles

    Hope that helps ?

  • Hey Loonytoon, thanks for the advice and guidance, i would love to get started but after reading other posts and stuff seems it the end of the season. :(

    I checked out for local Tri clubs and the only one I can find near to me is at Essex uni and its only for Uni students as far as i can tell... [:(]

    so not a good start but im going to do lots of training over winter..... i hope....

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