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Ironman Frankfurt

Hello Folks,

I have decided that my long term goal is to do an Ironman in the Summer of 2008. In the meantime, i will take part in various sprint, Olympic distance events and complete some matrathons. Just wondering if anyone on the forum has completed the Frankfurt Ironman event. I used to live near there and like the idea of returning to do my first ironman there. However, I am open to suggestions.


  • It was my first Ironman in 2002 - first itme they held it there and it was fantastic. I have heard that it has got even better. For a first time IM this is a perfect race as it is not too flat and not too hilly but there are hills the crowds just get you up them faster than you could imagine. The run is OK, a little boring but when are multi lap course interesting. Nice along the river though and you get to see the Pros a few times. The finish is absolutely the best - I ahve done a couple of other and my wife has done Kona and still the finish of IM Germany is the best.

    sign up early though - I was aiming to do it next year but they moved the date forward whihc messed up work a bit so I am training for Almere in Holland instead.

    Go for it

  • Thanks for that info. Sounds great. Where do entry details normally appear first by the way so that I don't miss any deadlines?
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    you will find all details for races on the ironman site


    you will also find lots of useful tips and extra bbits by chatting online with people on here & also tritalk


    as well you may find people in your tri club who have competed in full & half IM

    [:D] madnurse

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