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Exercise Bikes

I am wondering if anyone has experience with exercise bikes. I am trying to get one that mimics the riding position of my race bike. I have a turbo but it is a pain to set that up each time and I cant stand the smell of the burning tyre!


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    Hi m of the P,

    I dont have expierence with exercise bikes but a couple of years ago i tried spinning, if i remember correctly those bikes allowed you to almost get in a TT position. I vaguely remeber seeing one of these in a JJB catalogue aswell. I think it was made by Reebok.

    Another option is to go on E-Bay and by a cheap road bike, get it serviced and use this as a permanent set up on your turbo trainer. You would not need to worry about the weight of the bike, or wether it has brakes or not. as long as it has at least two cogs on the front and a couple on the back, you would not need to take it off. You could get a special Turbo tyre and you would not even need a front tyre. This is what i am planning to do once i get my A into G and get a turbo trainer!

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