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Ironman Full Distance Advice?

Hi guys - after some advice?

I just did the new Forest half yesterday, my first mid -distance. Was on for Sub 6 hours till half way through a BRUTAL run - it was sandy steep off road and hilly the whole way - oh and sunny too! Blew up and finishedin 6.28 - however felt fine on other two distances and no niggles today so plan is full distance next year!

QUESTION - the actual course itself seems to make such a difference - i.e that Run - if it had been flattish trail rather than hilly off road could have knocked off 20 -30 mins and maybe not blown at 10 miles. Does anyone know the easiest FULL distance - M Spot brand or not is fine - just want my first to be as gentle as poss!


  • Take a look at the Almere Long Distance race in Holland. This is one of the oldest Ironman distance races there is and it is the 25th anniversary next year. Myself and my wife, Julie are entering (entry opens February) so we can actually have a crack at racing the "distance" and not the course - i.e there are plenty of great races out there but the courses, as you said, make a big difference to time. So Almere is for us for 2007 even though it can get very very windy we want to knock off 2 hours from our times. It is also very cheap at €130 and not too far away from the UK.


    maybe see you there
  • great thanks - will look at it now!
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