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Tri Bike £1200?

Right, time to get serious and buy a proper bike. Have been on a specialized allez sport for a couple of years. Love it, but want a tri bike. Any advice as to where I should be looking, any good recommendations at around £1200? I live in London and ride a size 58 Specialized.

Also has anyone tried the govt tax scheme to get 50% off bikes that Evans are pioneering? Does it work?


  • Try http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/triathlon/

    £1200 gets you carbon, carbon, carbon and oh! carbon with 105 bits.

    The tax wheese is also run by Halfords, but i think your employer (company if you own it) can DIY. The facility needs to be offered to all members of staff and the cycle should be used primarily for commuting to work. More tax benefits accrue when the employee takes a paycut to pay for the bike, they therefore get the bike at a significant discount while paying monthly/weekly and avoid the tax on the benefit ofhaving the bike provided by the employer, they also then own the bike.

    I have been looking at this but my accountant doesn't think they will be happy with £2K of Planet X Dura-ace! I would/do ride to work - but not on that.

  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    I'd work on the principle of to most people one shiny new bike looks like any other shiny new bike. If you can work it get it and eal with the work arounds later. Would be sweet though.

    I'd highly recommend the Quintana Roo Tequilos at around that price. Or higher specced Roo's in the range if the price is reduced.
  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    Found this in my local evans shop. would be a good deal on the ride2work scheme.

  • am slightly biased but my kuoto k-factor is the ultimate witches stick for that sort of money...has done wonders for me. if i was to buy again i would have given PLanet -x a test drive. end of season sales coming up so you should get a bargain from this / last years range.
  • The "VALUE" planet-x bike DoTriHarder mentioned has just had its spec altered to have ultragra bits rather than 105s can't be bad for £1250
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Its worth checking out ebay for the odd quality bargains that can be found on there.

    I was looking for a road bike to stick a set of clip on,s on to,as i prefer them to Tri bikes.

    I got an Ideal Delta ultegra for 650 quid brand new in box, the RRP of them is 1300.

    With Shimano 550 wheels and with All Ultegra componments through out i realy found this a bargain.

    The make is little known in the UK, but at 8.8kg with carbon forks i could not refuse to buy this for such little money.

    1200 pounds can pick up some massive bargains from some of the quality dealers on ebay.

    Plenty of junk on there i gotta admit also[:D]

    Regards, Rich
  • If I had about £1K to invest - I think I'd be looking more than just longingly at this;

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