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I wonder if any of you swimming experts can help shed some light on this one.

I ve always swum front crawl in training as this is what I swim in races. Would maybe completing some of the swim training session using say back stroke be detrimental to training and race times- I would still race using front crawl.



  • I'm not sure if this helps, and I'm certainly not any kind of coach, but in my club's coached swim sessions we only ever use back or breast stroke during the warm down at the end. It is never used during the meat of a session.

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Not sure how you structure your sessions, but I do something like.

    Warm up



    Kick Drills

    Warm down

    I find that back stroke is really good for kick drills, in that it teachs you to keep you foot as straight as possibe. Other than that, that is the only time I change from front crawl.
  • Thanx guys I use a structure for my sessions similar to you Jason, so i'll just use back stroke in there for variation -and to break up the monotony!

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