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Airlines And Your Bike


I am signed up to do the Australian Iron man in April 2007 and would be grateful for some advice on the best way to get my bike over there.

This will be my first time transporting my bike by air and I would like to know if the hard bike cases are the most suitable / safe, and if these incur much extra cost (airline baggage allowance) due to their weight.


Taggs77 [8|]


  • Go for the hard case all the way. You shoudln't have to worry too much abou tthe weight although don't go mad. You can pack all you kit in the bike box with the bike. For long haul it shoudl be free but if not it will be less than 100 quid. When you book your ticket, mention the bike so it is booked on the flight. and also get there a few days earlier so in case it goes missing, you have a chance to get it before the race.
  • ChrisChris Posts: 17
    I have just come back from a training camp in France. I would recommend a hard cased bike box. I used an Elite one which i found to be superb. I paid an extra £15 per flight with easy jet to get my bike over as its classed as special luggage. Which meant we didn't have a limit on how much weight was in it!!
  • Has anyone had problems with BMI on how many bikes they are allowed to take on a plane. I have just heard that the max they will take on a single flight is 3. Anyone heard similar.
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