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vo2 max

Hi, I am new to the sport and was wondering how I compare with others who know what their vo2 max is.

I am currently at 55?

Ritchie L


  • Just had mine done in Physio testing and comes out at 56.5, would that i were Lance and 80+

    need to work on it over the winter and re-test in the spring.


    It does depend on how it's tested, the bleep test works best for pople used to sprinting, not for distance runners.
  • GraemeGraeme Posts: 48
    sorry for my lack of knowledge, but what exactly is vo2 max? Is this something to do with your lungs ability to process oxygen, in which case, what's a good rating and how can someone improve theirs?

    Sorry for what is probably a simple question, but I'm new to this and very intrigued.



  • Graeme

    There are several measurements used to identify levels of fitness.

    Max HR Maximum acheiveable heart rate usually somewhere near 220-your age.

    VO2Max A measure of the maximum amount of Oxygen that you can take up and use in one breath cycle, relates to a heartrate. This will be the fastest speed that you can sustain for more than 2 minutes. Over your VO2Max threshold you become more and more anaerobic, a scenario which is not sustainable. High VO2Max means high speed.

    Lactate threshold The heart rate at which your body starts to change the way it uses energy, from here on in the lactate levels rise quickly. This is the level at which you can excercise for ever! just. High LT means better endurance.

    You can have a high VO2Max and proportionally lower LT than your mate, he will not be as fast but will have greater endurance atributes.

    Training levels are basaed on knowing/guessing these personal levels. for example: run/bike at just below LT for endurance training, at just below VO2Max for speed training and at a low percentage of either for recovery training. Percentages differ depending on your coach and their ideas.

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