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Swansea Triathlon - Newbie Question


I've decided to take the plunge and try a few sprint distance triatlons (and maybe an Oly if they go ok) this year. I have relatives down in South Wales and quite fancied doing the Swansea triathlon this Summer. Has anyone out there done it and is it suitable for a complete amateur like me? I think I read that entry was limited to 200 and that makes me nervous - if that's 200 serious people I could quite easily come in last place in front of family and friends (not the morale boost I need on my 1st tri)![&:]




  • fore_endyfore_endy Posts: 24
    Hello Simmo, don't think this event has been run before, the pool is quite new. I too have relatives in Swansea and have booked this event. The pool is amazing, the bike ride will be hilly (big hill right out of transition by the looks of things!). You shouldn't worry about being new to these events, I did my first one at Blenheim last week, It was great, competitors of all levels. Everyone was encouraging and supportive, it was a blast!

    Book it and enjoy!
  • SimmoSimmo Posts: 5
    Hi - I did Blenheim as well and absolutely loved the whole experience (well...maybe not the swim, but it hasn't put me off!). Following that I bit the bullet and have now entered Swansea so I'll see you there! I'm hoping to get down there for a weekend before that to give the 50m pool a go and try out the 'hilly' bike route.

    Having done Blenheim (and one of the Eton super sprints a couple of weeks before that) I agree that everyone is really friendly and supportive so I'm not quite so apprehensive about entering these kind of events now. To be honest, I'm quite looking forward to trying a pool based tri as I seem to have real breathing issues that don't seem to be such an problem in the pool.

    Thanks for the reply - I'd forgotten I'd posted this!
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