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quick olympic distance races

one of my mates who i do triathlon with entered the london olympic tri but entered fairly late and his entry was rejected as full, however he has been told that he can do the sub 230 race as long as he registers a sub 230 time before london (best of about 235 - at last years london tri)

just wondered which olympic tris pre london are quick courses to maximise his chances of doing so


  • forgot to mention that we are based in oxford
  • Many members of my club think that the Milton Keynes is a fast course. I have never done that one so cant comment personely.
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I am doing Norwich which is my run up to the London Tri. Everybody knows how flat and fast East Anglia can be.

    This is on July 1st, but books up pretty quick.

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