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having completed my first half ironman this year, the vitruvian in 6:47:45 i am considering moving up to full ironman next year, ideally ironmanuk if spaces left when my exam results come out in december. this would give 8 months of training, is this enough time? what do people think?


  • 8 months is plenty of time if you have the base form the half IM training. Get a schedule and stick to it as much as you can and you will be fine.

  • unfortunatly my base wasnt that great hence the slow time (or am i just being overly harsh on myself?) woke up this morning and have horrible feeling that my sciatica is returning, had successful op back in june 02 and if thats the case next season (which i was intending to take far more seriously than the last 2 may be severely disrupted! hopefully dr will have alternative diagnosis today
  • Hi, I went from virtually zero fitness to doing the Longest Day ironman in 2005. I had been ill with a virus for a few months before so had to start from scratch although I was reasonably fit before the illness. As long as you are careful with your training 8 months is fine. If it is any help I used a combination of Joe Friel's book and Don Fink's book for training purposes.
  • In October 2002 I signed myself and my wife up for IM Germany (following August). Both of us were quite chubby and not that fit having an 8 year break from Triathlon etc. My wife (Julie) had never done a Tri in her life. So we trained and trained, slowly, slowly and she did her first sprint at Club La Santa in April 03. She did her first OD race at the start of June then her first 1/2 IM at the end of June (my first IM also). Then we raced in Frankfurt in August both completing it OK, 12hours and 13 hours. We had already entered our second IM before we completed our first. And just to put the pressure on my wife got a lottery slot in Hawaii for 03.

    So going from absolutey zero base to 3 IM races in 2 years is possible. Its not for everyone but it show it can be done if you just take it easy and ease yourself into the training.

    We have had a 2 year break from IM but are no preparing for Almere, Holland where we want to knock some serious times off our other races. But again, not getting injured in the process - nice and steady

    I also suffer from sciatica and it only worsens when I stop training. The more training I do the better it gets - keep training ;o)

  • I went from sprint to Ironman in eight months including two broken arms (don't ask)! Just set yourself the goal and do it. The 220 magazine training programme from 2005 is great just e-mail them and they will send it to you (they did for me). Ironman UK 2006 was fantastic I had a ball and didn't want it to end. Racing Ironman Switzerland in 2007. See you there?
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    i too am doing ironman switzerland next year. it will be my first ironman.

    i have given myself about the same length of time to get my body and mind ready for what will be 16 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds of fun.

    not going for any records as you can see.

    it is the taking part that counts and i am relibly assured that the swiss is a great race for your first due to the massive spectator imput that keeps you going.

    cannot wait!!!!
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