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what do people who have done the windsor triathlon think of it?

ive never done it but it tends to win best triathlon of year regularly and space available was planning on doing it in 2007

however its the same weeknd as wimbleball (which i also would quite like to do!) and seems popular on the forum


  • I took part this year and definitely enjoyed it - with good weather and excellent organisation.

    The swim was exciting. Each wave starts at 4 min intervals and the size of the group isn't too big, and it also allows you to catch some of the group in front and I even managed a few from the one before that. Its 60% upstream and 40% back down. Sighting is OK and the water didn't taste too bad.

    The bike ride is a great course, but for me it was too busy and I was continuously drafted by people who were lacking in ability and making it up anyway they could.

    The run is good, with just the one hill up to the castle, then straight back down. There are 3 laps, which makes it very interesting as there aren't any long straight boring bits. There were a fair few crowds around, so good support.
  • RewRew Posts: 62
    Great swim, great bike, great support, great organisation, great weather but man that hill up to the castle hurt me....and you have to run up it three times!!!

    But don't let me put you off running is my weakest discipline
  • have entered windsor so now just need to put in quite a bit of training
  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    Does anybody kno the capacity for this race. The website states that it was fully booked by Mid-Jan last year. I can't book it until February so i'm hoping i don't miss out.

  • StevoStevo Posts: 7
    Wella, From memory capacity is just over 2000 people. I think they have announcements on the Human Race website about how near to capacity the race is.

    It'll be my fourth year of doing Windsor - its a great race with lots of support from the crowds (but expensive!)

    Hope all racing Windsor have a good one.

  • LeeCookLeeCook Posts: 22
    i received an email to say that it was filling fast just before christmas so you may find february is too late im afraid
  • think you may be out of luck wella

    ive just sent the organisers an email to check my entry as i sent my form in few weeks back and had reply saying that windsor closes tomorrow!!
  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    Thanks Steve.

    I've been tracking the website but hadn't seen any update. I'm doing St. Albans the week before and i'll probably do Dorney as a replacement now.

    Gutted though as i'd heard Windsor was a great race. Hope you got in and good luck if you did.

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