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2007 was my first season in Triathlon which I really enjoyed, although my preperation wasn't very good. Can anybody forward me(or point me in the right direction) a simple to follow training schedule, I have to work away quite alot so alot of work will be done in a gym i.e Treadmill and stationary bike.




  • chischis Posts: 94
    Hi leigh35

    I had the same problem finding simple to use training schedules when I first started out. I eventually ploughed my way through "Training Plans for Multi Sport Athletes" by Gale Bernhardt which is excellent but a bit complex for those starting out and wanting to get going without becoming too scientific. More recently I came across some "off the peg" schedules on the Runner's World Website www.runnersworld.co.uk . Just log on and find the link on the left hand side for "The Big Triathlon Index" and then click the link to either Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced schedules. They are printable and you can adapt them to suit your requirements.

    Hope this helps.

  • Leigh cant go wrong with the Triathletes Training Bible (get it from Amazon) I managed to knock over an hour off my 70.3 time just by using the info.

    A great website for recording your sessions is triblogs.co.uk It is a great website as it calculates and records everything you need. You can also record all your race times in there as well.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hey Middle of the pack; I ordered the T T Bible on amazon 3 days ago, how's that for coincidence[8D].

    So it cant be a bad decision, it must be a great book.


  • Chris

    Thanks for that, I just want to keep it as simple as possible for the time being anyway. For some reason everyhting I have read is quite difficult to follow especially when you work away alot


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    what do you mean by working away Leigh??

  • I love "The Triathlete's Training Bible" by Joe Friel, and I dip in and out of it, jumping around chapters as and when I need to, so I recommend it all the time as a fairly complete, authoritative source of information on all things triathlon. But a lot of my athletes, especially those relatively new to the sport or to the concept of creating an annual training plan, have told me they find it quite complicated and dense. So, I have been looking at Joe Friel's "Your First Triathlon", which seems a little more straighforward and less complicated, as well as "Triathlon 101", which also seems a little easier to digest.
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