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Base Training

Following a crash at Ripon Tri a few months ago which resulted in Broken Ribs my fitness has really gone to pot, a few too many beers and 1 stone heavier I can finally start training again, can anyone point me in the right direction for a fails safe easy to follow base training plan.


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I think a good one is 4 key sessions per week - these have to be unmissable. This gives you scope to adjust ie time to recover, get your head together, add more, take days off, put off for a day, do extra etc.

    Monday : 45mins - 1hr swimming (non-stop) ,slow pace

    Tuesday : whatever

    Wednesday : 50 kM Cycle - on road or turbo ,steady pace

    Thursday : whatever

    Friday : 10kM running ,fast pace

    4th session is a long cycle (100kM+) on Saturday or Sunday

    season to taste as they say but you should know that you must challenge and push yourself but also be aware that afteryour lay-off you'll be lethargic and indifferent on some days and up for it a nd wanting more on other days.

    The suggested programme mixes endurance, speed, and prolonged effort with open days and it gets you going at all 3 disciplines. Good Luck

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    leigh35leigh35 Posts: 28
    Tree frog thanks for that, it is just what I need something simple and easy to follow
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    rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70

    The whole point of Base training (in my view) is to slowly and steadily improve your fitness.

    Therefore most training session should be at low / medium intensity , in treefrogs plan I would put the friday run at a slower pace.
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    But after you got those miles in the bank some studies question why winter/base training should be done at slower pace as it is possible to maintain speed throughout the winter.

    Otherwise each season you have to train back up to the level. I think its better to train all year round with a variety of efforts as mentioned in treefrogs post.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    But given that mny of us overtrain/uder recover & the physiological fact that the body cannot work at a high level &/or maintain a peak without breakdown, then periodising makes sense. Logically it makes no sense to b the fastest runner/cyclist/swimmer in January when there are no races.

    I was sceptical about base training until deciding to go longer & slower last winter..& improving my run times this summer. Physiologically I read that the mitochondria in the cells do not increase in number in an acidic environment which is what is created during higher intensity work, but they do when stimulated by aerobic work at a lower intensity, hence a winter of lower int work increases your capacity to do highr intensity work.

    I still do some hi int intervals & an occasinal fast 5k, so the body & mind do not slip into plodding mode, but keep it in a low zone & rack up the miles, take a breath & enjoy the scenery.
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