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Knee problem before IMUK

Dear all,

I have developed a Knee problem and was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on it.

Every time I push off from the pool wall, something in my right knee clicks, just as the knee is bent. The knee almost locks up temporarily and for about a week to 2 weeks after I almost have to walk on tip toe due to the pain experienced through my heel.

I have had a cartlidge op on the other knee and this pain is different, its at the rear of the knee but is very hard to pin point.

At times my whole leg feels very unstable.

My gp insists its not another tear or ligament issue but I am not sure.

Any help from the forum would be much appreciated



  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Before I read what your doc said, I was thinking straight away it was tendon prob. I damaged the tendons in my ankle and have been told to stay off running for 6 weeks!! However I did try a wee run....wrong!

    I now have this pain at the back of my knee almost like the ligament is too short, so when I stand up its like I have to stretch it.

    Did your problem happen when swimming?

    Not much help to you but maybe help you pinpoint something?
  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    Sounds like you might have a posterior horn tear of the meniscus ( cartilage ) The fact you have trouble weight bearing , experiencing clicking and locking of the knee are signs typical of a cartilage tear ...( not all cartilage problems feel the same ) , instability would suggest a ligamentous structure however usually some trauma is required to damage ligaments .... cartilage problems on the other hand can be quite discreet .... best thing to do is see a physiotherapist or doctor that specialises in sports medicine .... an MRI of the knee should be able to confirm a diagnosis .

  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    A repetitive tendon tear can cause you to walk on your toes to prevent discomfort , the calve muscle and hamstrings attach behind the knee ... however it would be unusual for this to click or lock .....also it would be easier to pin point by pushing deeply into the back of the knee , it would not cause instability . One way to differentiate between this and a post horn tear of the cartilage would be when your sore , place a pillow under your knee while you are sitting on the floor .... pull your toes up towards you without moving the knee ... if pain increases its more likely to be one of the calve tendons .... then get some one to hold your foot and try to point your toes while they resist ( and you keep your knee still ).... increased pain would suggest the calve tendon ........The test for a post horn tear of the cartilage is more complicated and you are best to see a professional for this ..... an MRI can detect small calve and hamstring tendon tears as well
  • sassigs264sassigs264 Posts: 26
    Hi Guys,

    Thanks very much for the detailed reply. Based on your descriptions it sounds like it could be one of my calve tendons. I attempted the 'pulling up of the toes' method and this is a painfull exercise. It does only seem to happen when I push off from the wall of the pool. Swimming and biking are fine.

    Thanks again for the advice and I will get back to my GP and attempt to get a specialist appointment.
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