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Swimming the Channel!

Hi All,

As a fellow triathlete I am posting this to get some support for my Solo Channel attempt on the week commencing 29th June 2009.

Have a look at my website and support my charity if you feel its something you can do!





  • Fantastic good on you. Are you doing it through the channel swim association? - swim cosy only no wetsuit rule!?

    I did a relay crossing a few years ago, it is the most amazing feeling swimming in the big blue. Watch out for the wash when the larger tanker ships pass by, it is like being in a washing machine on spin! Also you prob already know this, be prepared for the clump of weed and stingers. On my swim one girl got stung, but only a minor sting. Also watch out if you have a support crew who dont have sea legs - i threw up on one of the swimmers from over the side of the boat, woops!

    Best of luck - look forward to hearing what time you do it in - we managed 13hours 33mins.
  • Yes channel swimming association so no wetsuit. Speedos here we go!

    Yeah I know about the jellyfish, seaweed and apparently pieces of wood in the channel. Someone told me the big ships are like hotels in the water.

    Thanks and I am just hoping for a crossing. Nothing fancy just getting across. I can always go back and push a time.

    Thanks again.
  • Hi Joe,

    I'm interested in swimming the channel in 2010, however I have no idea where to start! I used to swim competitively when i was younger but stopped as a teenager. Howvere over the last year I have been getting back into my swimming and want to start open water. My goal would be to swim the channel but i need experience of open water swimming. I live in Scotland and there seems to be little info on the net about where I can go/events etc, although I would be willing to travel if it wasn't too far. Any helpful tips or advice? People like you who are swimming the channel instead of talking about swimming it are an inspiration and has been the driving force behind my training and motivation for wanting to brace the channel also.

  • lappieszalappiesza Posts: 36
    Thank you very much, that is kind. Anyway I am swimming with the Channel Swimming Association and they have all the info on booking the swim and getting all your paperwork in. It is a expensive endevour that will cost you a pretty penny.

    Also join a group on google. They give you the world of info and there is advice and input from people all over the world. http://groups.google.co.uk/group/Channel_Swimmers?hl=en. The way to get onto the group is by e-mailing Nick Adams and he will add you. [[email protected]][email protected][/email].

    I will try and get you some more info on where to swim.

    Also look at this





    I hope this gets you started!


  • lappieszalappiesza Posts: 36
    Hi all,

    Just to say I have now completed the 6hour qualifying swim and have 10weeks to the Channel.

    Obviously with the current financial climate the charities need money. Check out my website and see if you can part with a fiver for a good cause!

  • Just out of interest, how much does it end up costing to do this?
  • lappieszalappiesza Posts: 36
    Well it is a costly endevour.

    You are looking at:-

    £350 for registration with csa and registering your swim

    £2000 for your pilot boat to take you across

    And the rest is basically kit, travel, etc.

    I would say I have spent about £3500 to do the swim. Its an expensive undertaking but totally worth it!!
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