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Bike Pedals/Clips

Hi all, preparing to buy my foirst road bike for next Aprils Wombourne Sprint.

Iim wondering what people recommend regards to the clip v pedal choice. It's my first tri-event therefore do you think i'm beter going for normal pedals at this time?


  • i recommend Look pedals and clitts if you're only using it for triathlon. (shoes clipped on before race) if you're planning to do some road races as well, i recommend speedplay pedals because you could clip on quicker...
  • I would definitely recommend getting used to clips as soon as you can. They will definitely help in your overall training and racing regimen.

    For me, I've never quite gotten used to having the shoes already clipped to the pedals when you start the bike section, but I see a lot of people do it and they say it saves time. I prefer to change into my shoes in the swim/bike transition are, walk with the shoes on to the beginning of the bike section and then hop on the bike and get my feet clipped in.

    However, at the end of the bike section, as I prepare to go into the bike/run transition, I do find it's good to take your feet out of the shoes and leave the shoes on the pedals (maybe 100-200m before the end of the bike section), so that you can just hop off the bike and walk to the transition area.

    Although, I never knew about any of this stuff until I had done a few triathlons and saw what other people did. Some of it I have tried myself and some of it I didn't.

    So, different strokes for different folks.
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